Freewheeling or unconventional, especially to the point of outrageousness.

When I take the stage, live or on TV, I am looking to make something HAPPEN.

Something unique, wild and momentary.

It’s more than jokes or impressions or stories.

It’s an experience.

You. Will. Never. Forget.

 If it ain’t GONZO, it’s just stand-up.


And look, I am TERRIBLE about updating the calendar on the right, I am!

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 “What can I say about The Greg Wilson that can describe how hysterically funny he is? He reminded me of John Belushi!” – Nikki Artale, The Las Vegas Informer

 “Once again, The Greg Wilson was a big hit with the audience. We would encourage all comedy club owners to book this diminutive Jackie Gleason into their rooms. He’s a great performer and a great guy.” – Jon Fox, Founder, San Francisco Comedy Competition

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